See beyond multifocals. Introducing Autofocals. One Pair for everything.

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The reviews are in

The reviews are in

  • I immediately had a very clear view and a panoramic field of view. In the weeks that followed, I noticed how easy it is to turn on reading mode and read smoothly. Driving a car and looking in the mirrors of the car? No problem. Lying on my couch and watching TV? You turn off the button and have a full view.
    Bruno, 53, business owner
  • I cook for hours and also spend time on my laptop or reading the newspaper. Thanks to the Morrow Autofocals my vision is perfect.
    Johan, 62, restaurant owner and chef
  • Getting used to my autofocal glasses goes smoothly and I don't suffer from dizziness. In the lab I really can't do without my autofocal glasses anymore. The people at Morrow are very friendly and will come to your home for the eye test and frame selection. They also come by to adjust the glasses optimally. At Morrow, the customer is king.
    Marleen, 57, lab assistant
  • A whole world opened up to me again and the positive reactions soon followed
    Anke, 49

Proven success

Proven success

Over 95% of our customers report experiencing a higher comfort in vision with Autofocals

Our customers report that with their Autofocals they:

- Experience more comfort while watching TV, cooking and doing handiwork.

- Adapt more rapidly to their glasses than with traditional multifocals.

- Reduce the risk of falling in the stairs thanks to an improved depth vision.

- Enjoy the widest and sharpest vision when being outdoors (hiking, biking, playing golf,...)

- See effortless their side-mirrors and dashboard while driving.

It doesn’t get this accurate without a few extra steps first.

How it works

  • 01

    Free ultra-precise eye exam.

  • 02

    Free delivery in Belgium.

  • 03

    30 day risk free trial.

What you get

What you get


Morrow Autofocals are CE certified, Bluetooth-enabled and offer the clearest view.


See our optometrists on your terms, wherever, whenever.


One pair for everything — starting at €1,099 (frame + lenses included).

Your vision

Your vision

Discover how much more there is to see.

Our vision is simple: to improve yours.

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