Eye Exams: Your Safety is our Promise



Staying safe during the pandemic

I hope you’re all keeping safe out there. My name’s Yasmin and I’m an Optometrist at Morrow.

I wanted to update you on all the steps we’re taking to ensure improving your vision won’t compromise your safety throughout the COVID pandemic.

Our eye exam is completely safe and meets all the current Covid-19 safety requirements. If you aren’t comfortable with our Optician doing the exam in your home, they are prepared and happy to conduct the exam in your garden. They’ll wear masks, gowns and gloves, and thoroughly disinfect their hands and all equipment between appointments.

From arrival to when they leave, our Opticians will social distance from you as much as possible. If you need to greet our Optician inside initially to take them through to the garden, we recommend you wear a facemask. Our Opticians follow a strict temperature check before they begin each working day, and are regularly tested.

If you develop symptoms at any point before your appointment, please notify us immediately so we can reschedule. We’ll call you one hour before your exam to check you’re well enough for us to visit – and no one in your home has any Covid-19 symptoms.

Rest assured, there are two things we’ll never compromise on…your vision and your safety. If you have any other questions regarding COVID, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Stay well and keep safe,