Morrow Autofocals launched in Hoet Opticians in Bruges



Morrow available at Hoet Opticians store in Bruges.

Technology as a solution: Morrow autofocal glasses.

Morrow was created because we believe we can do better.

We believe that active people who combine two diopters (far or nearsightedness with presbyopia) should not have to resign themselves to the lesser comfort of multifocal glasses, or to the cumbersome switching of glasses.

Moreover, we are concerned about the unsafe situations that arise: not seeing the dashboard well, not being able to estimate the distance of stairs properly because that part of your glasses was sharpened to 'reading position'.

We believe that technology today is able to provide a solution that combines comfort, ease of use and style. And with Morrow we demonstrate this.

How do autofocal glasses work?

A piece of smart technology has been discreetly incorporated into autofocal glasses. With the push of a button in your frame you switch your autofocal glasses to 'reading mode'. The rest of the time you have a wide field of view, suitable for viewing into the distance and at medium distance, without annoying 'zones' or distortions.


The lenses of Morrow glasses contain a layer of liquid crystals, adjusted exactly according to the diopters you need at that moment. By pressing the button in your frame, the crystals change direction and create a 'reading zone' in your glasses. Each pair of glasses is custom printed on a special 3D printer.

Every autofocal glasses start with an accurate eye test at your home. The autofocal glasses provide a much more detailed correction, for which we have developed a special thorough eye test. Our optometrists provide tailor-made advice and a hyper-detailed eye prescription without obligation.

Do Morrow autofocal glasses work well?

Bruno from Sint-Denijs-Westrem is 53 years old and is an independent entrepreneur in furniture upholstery. He is therefore busy every day assessing fabrics and colours, sits in the car very regularly and likes to watch TV stretched out in the evenings.

He has been in need of progressive glasses for about six years, but he couldn't get used to the discomfort. His experience with multifocal: “With my progressive glasses it was difficult to drive, I was no longer able to watch TV while lying down and I had a continuous blurry vision in the bottom of the lenses,” says Bruno.

When he heard about the autofocal glasses, he had an eye test done with Morrow and tried the glasses on. Bruno: “I immediately had a very clear view and a panoramic field of view. In the weeks that followed, I noticed how easy it is to switch on reading mode and read smoothly. Driving a car and looking in the mirrors of the car? No problem. Lying on my couch and watching TV? You turn off the button and have a full view. So as far as I'm concerned: all praise for Morrow's multifocals.”

Now available at Hoet Opticians store in Bruges

Morrow has chosen the Hoet Opticians in Bruges to be the first official Belgian optical store to retail the Morrow Autofocals. Hoet Opticians is nearly at the end of its 6th generation. Their clients benefit for years of experience and a healthy sense of defiance. The optician team provides thorough advice and all the necessary service.

Want to test our Autofocals?

Just visit the Hoet Opticians store in Bruges and discover our amazing Autofocals!

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