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The temple arm is the side section of the frame that curves over the ear and holds the eyewear in place on the face.

Hinge or temple hinge is a robust fixing that joins the eyewear stem to the temple arm. This mechanical joint allows the temple arm to move 90° inwards and outwards depending on if the temple arm is opened or closed.

Temple tip is the end section of a temple arm. It sits behind the ear and holds the eyewear in place on the face.

Temple zone is a frame measurement that calculates the horizontal distance (in millimetres) from the temple arm to the temple tip.

Tired eyes are a common eye condition that feels achy, weak or heavy. If you are experiencing tired eyes you should book an eye exam.

Titanium is a lightweight, 3D-printed metal featured in all our Duo and Concept Autofocal frames.

Titanium matrix is a perforated, 3D-printed titanium featured in all our Concept Autofocal frames.

Trifocal glasses are one type of Multifocal. Trifocal lenses are sectioned and correct a combination of near, intermediate and far vision.