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We’re confident you’ll love your Autofocals as much as we do. But just in case, we offer a 30 day risk free trial.

What is the 30 day risk free trial?

When you order any pair of our Autofocals you’ll qualify for our risk-free trial. This means if you aren’t completely satisfied with your Autofocals, you can return them to us in the first 30 days for a full refund – no questions asked.

When does the policy start?

Our 30 day trial starts as soon as your order is delivered at your specified address.

How do I return my Autofocals?

If you are unhappy with your Autofocals, please contact our customer service team at

How do I return my Autofocals?

If you would like to return your Autofocals, please contact our customer service team at

My Autofocals don’t suit me. Is this covered by the policy?

Can I return my Autofocals after the policy has expired?

You may return or exchange your Autofocals ordered within thirty (30) days after delivery, regardless of the reason.

Our ordering process is different to everyone else, because we’re different to everyone else.

What is the ordering process?

Here are our 6 steps to clearer vision:

Step 1: Take our Self-Assessment Test and discover how much more you could see,

when switching from your focals to our Autofocals.

Step 2: Find your pair of Autofocals by browsing our collections online and trying-on all your preferred frames during the eye exam.

Step 3: Book an Eye Exam. Before you can order a pair of Autofocals, we’ll need your ultra-precise prescription.

Step 4: Order your Autofocals, either online or during the eye exam. Once you've completed your eye exam, we'll have the necessary measurements to 3D-Print your frames.

Step 5: Check your Autofocal fit. We are confident our face-mapping technology will calculate millimetre-perfect measurements. However, should you need to adjust the nose pads (or anything else) just follow our user guides.

Step 6: See the difference in 30 days or see a full refund.

Can I change my order?

Once the order has been processed, no more changes can be made.

How do I cancel my order?

Once the order has been processed, it cannot be cancelled. However, a 30 day free trial allows you to test your glasses and return them if unsatisfied within 30 days.

Can I order without a prescription?

No, we’re afraid you can’t. Our ultra-precise prescription is essential for us to 3D print your Autofocals.

I live outside Belgium. Can I still place an order?

At present, we can only cater to customers that live in Belgium. We’re planning to expand very soon though, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for updates.