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Sharper vision is just (a few) clicks away. Here’s how to get the most out of your Autofocals.

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I have lost my Autofocal manual.

You can download a PDF version of the manual in English here.

Your Autofocals’ powerful Panasonic battery only takes 1 hour to recharge from zero to 100%, lasting up to 48 hours and delivering as much as 8 hours active lens time.

To get the most out of the battery between charges, turn OFF near vision when it’s not in use and power down the eyewear completely when you’re not wearing them.
Before charging we recommend powering down your Autofocals.


To connect the charging cable head to your Autofocals, align the pins with the charging port on the left Electronic Module. Lightly press the charging head against the port until the pins magnetically snap into place.
Insert the charging cable USB into the charging adapter and plug into a power socket. Alternatively, plug the USB directly into a switched-on computer or mains USB wall socket.

If your Autofocals are charging successfully, the LED indicator will glow solid amber constantly. Should your Autofocals fail to start charging, please check that the power supply the USB is plugged into is turned ON.

When the battery is fully charged to 100%, the LED indicator will glow solid green constantly. Switch OFF the power socket (if applicable), unplug the charging cable USB and disconnect the charging head from the charging port on your Autofocals.

Your Autofocals are Bluetooth enabled. Download our Morrow app and using its Bluetooth connectivity, pair the eyewear with a smartphone or tablet to see all the benefits.

Why do Autofocals have Bluetooth?

So you can connect your eyewear to any smart device, to provide battery status notifications and Autofocal Eyewear software updates.

My Autofocals do not fit me. What should I do?

Please contact our customer support team and we will arrange a video call to discuss your concerns.

Can I change my Autofocal lenses, whilst retaining the frames if my prescription changes?

No, this is due to the technology in all of our eyewear. Embedded between two ultra-precise, thin-cut optical lenses lies a delicate layer of our own pioneering Active Liquid Crystal technology. This is controlled through technology linked within the frame.

Please read all safety instructions and keep them in a safe place for future reference, should a concern arise. Failure to adhere to the safety guidelines could invalidate your warranty agreement, even if your Autofocals are less than 2 years old.

When your Autofocals are not in use, store in the eyewear case provided. Should you require an Autofocal service, repair or replacement for any of the eyewear components, please contact Morrow customer support.

Our Autofocals are engineered to withstand almost anything that regular life can throw at them – they’re bump, splash and dust-proof, but they’re not indestructible.

Here’s a list of some of the situations and activities that could affect their performance and/or invalidate your warranty.

  • DO NOT use eyewear under water.
  • DO NOT submerge eyewear in water.
  • DO NOT use eyewear whilst showering or using any type of sauna or steam room.
  • DO NOT use eyewear whilst performing water sport activities.
  • DO NOT expose the eyewear to the elements during heavy rainfall.
  • DO NOT use eyewear during charging.
  • DO NOT clean eyewear with wet or sodden cloth.
  • DO NOT clean eyewear with chemical sprays.
  • ONLY USE accessories tested and approved by Morrow.
  • DO NOT use a non-Morrow charge adapter.
  • UNPLUG your eyewear from charge during lightning storms.
  • DO NOT leave eyewear on charge for prolonged periods of time.
  • DO NOT expose eyewear to fires, open flames or other heat sources that could cause harm.
  • DO NOT expose eyewear to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.
  • DO NOT charge eyewear in direct sunlight.
  • DO NOT make unauthorized alterations to this product.
  • DO NOT use eyewear as sunglasses. Autofocal lenses do not provide any UV protection.
  • DO NOT use eyewear as protection against artificial light sources.
  • DO NOT use eyewear as protection against mechanical or other impact hazards.
  • DO NOT use eyewear as protection against chemical or other liquid hazards.
  • DO NOT tamper with the Electronic Module or its internal electronics.
  • DO NOT disassemble any part of the frame, electronic unit or lens.
  • If a lens is damaged, STOP using your Autofocals and contact Morrow support immediately.

Your Autofocal warranty is automatically registered to you under your unique serial code and covers all eligible hardware repairs and servicing for 2 years from date of manufacture.

Plus, as part of your warranty you can also benefit from a complimentary Autofocal Service after 1 year. It’s our opportunity to make sure everything is working perfectly and you’re still seeing the difference, both near and far.

Morrow’s two-year limited warranty summary

Morrow warrants the included eyewear hardware and accessories against defects of the engineering, materials and manufacture process for two years from the date of assembly. Morrow does not warrant against normal wear and tear, nor damage caused by accident, irresponsible use or abuse.

If you submit an eligible claim under warranty, Morrow agrees to either repair, replace or refund your eyewear at no additional cost. Should a claim be invalid, the consumer will be responsible for all shipping costs.

You may be required to provide proof of purchase or proof of identity when making a claim under this warranty.

Warranty benefits are in addition to rights provided under local consumer laws – please consult the consumer policies in your local jurisdiction for more details.

Morrow’s one-year limited Autofocal servicing summary

Get an expert eye on your Autofocals. After your first annual anniversary of becoming an Autofocal wearer, Morrow will service your eyewear at no additional cost.

We will perform an Autofocal health-check which involves an assessment on the electronics, lenses, frame mechanics and battery. We will replace the nose pads (if needed) and perform an ultrasonic clean to remove any hard-wearing dirt and smears.

Should we see anything unexpected, we’ll repair or replace any relevant parts in accordance with our warranty agreement.



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