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Your health and wellbeing is our priority. We’ve reconfigured our process to ensure we’re taking all the necessary precautions against Covid-19.

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Can I book an eye exam during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Yes you can. We're taking extensive precautions to ensure we can conduct your eye exam safely, without compromising on results.

Do I need to wear a mask during my eye exam?

All of our eye exams will follow the local COVID-19 regulations at the time they take place. We do recommend wearing a mask when inside and when you cannot keep a regulated distance.

Do I need to be socially distant during my eye exam?

Yes, we recommend staying as socially distant as possible during your eye exam. If not, please wear a mask and all other safety precautions will be taken by our team.

How safe is a Morrow eye exam?

Our eye exam is completely safe and meets all the current Covid-19 safety requirements. If you aren’t comfortable with our Optician doing the exam in your home, they are prepared and happy to conduct the exam in your garden. They’ll wear masks, gowns and gloves, and thoroughly disinfect all equipment between appointments. There are two things we’ll never compromise on, your vision and your safety.

Do I have to complete my eye exam outside?

You can complete the eye exam in your garden or inside your home, it’s completely up to you.

Will a Morrow Optician touch my face during the eye exam?

This may occur during the eye exam. Our Opticians will wear safety (hygiene) gloves and disinfect their hands before every visit. Your safety is our highest priority.

Can I still experience the Autofocal demonstration?

Yes. Our Autofocal demonstration meets all the current Covid-19 safety requirements.

I’ve started experiencing Covid-19 symptoms before / during my eye exam. What should I do?

If you develop symptoms at any point before your appointment, please notify us immediately so we can reschedule. We’ll call you one hour before your exam to check you’re well enough for us to visit – and no one in your home has any Covid-19 symptoms.

Prior to my eye exam, I’ve been in contact with someone who has Covid-19. What should I do?

Please notify us immediately if you’ve been in contact with anyone who has Covid-19. Following government advice, we advise you to take a test as soon as possible to determine if you have Covid-19. Once you’ve received a negative result, we can reschedule your appointment.

Once delivered, is my parcel safe to handle and open?

Please check the current COVID-19 regulations in your area regarding deliveries.

What is Autofocal Eyewear?

Autofocal Eyewear (or Autofiocals) are prescription glasses that combine Morrow’s pioneering Active Liquid Crystal in an ultra-precise, two-layer optical lens. This innovative eyewear allows you to transform your vision, both near and far, at the touch of a button.

Why switch from your focals to Autofocals?

Unlike focals or even Multifocal lenses, which feature a single layer lens, each pair of Morrow Autofocals feature two ultra-precise, thin-cut optical lenses. Between the lenses, we embed a delicate layer of our pioneered Active Liquid Crystal. The click of a button sends a small surge of electrical current through to the lens, which instructs the Active Liquid Crystal to refract light in a pre-prescribed way. This allows you to switch up your vision from near to far in just 0.6 seconds and experience a significantly sharper focus and a much wider view; that will shorten your focal zones as your vision deteriorates.

What is an Autofocal Unique ID?

Your Autofocal Unique ID is a serial code that links the frames and lenses to you, your prescription and warranty. Found on the left temple arm, your Unique ID consists of your frame name, material, colour and your unique code.

Can Autofocal lenses be fitted into any frame?

Our Autofocal lenses can only be fitted in Morrow frames. We have new designs and collaborations launching in the future.

Where can I find Autofocal Sunglasses?

These are not available yet, but we are working hard on it to make them available in the future.

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